Kurt Harold Jensen

Kurt Harold Jensen bisettes i Elverhøy kirke fredag 18. desember kl. 14.00

Minnehøytideligheten avsluttes i kirken

Og når alt er forbi
høres ingenting lenger

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             Nils Aslak Valkeapää



Takk for mange gode minner.
— Eirin & Jostein

Kvil i fred, kjære onkel Kurt!
— Bernt

Alle de fine minnan æ har fått skape sammen me dåkker gjennom oppveksten, e gode minna som æ bær me mæ ❤️
— Wenche Lise

Takk for alle gode minner ⚘ ❤️
— Mailen

Kurt — you were and will always be very important to us. We don’t know if you can see, read or listen to us, but we know that we will always remind you as someone wonderful that I had the chance to meet. It may take a year or maybe ten or probably a hundred years, but I know that we will never forget you.
I confess that we will miss you as children misses their mother when they don’t see her. I also confess that I don’t know how we will be able to be strong without you, but I promise that we will try.
We will do what we can to fight for our happiness. We will honor your words every day and every night. Those who leave simply leave, and we are the ones who keep saying goodbye. With a bitter taste of absence, and a lot of nostalgia inside our hearts. There is no way we can find to not be sad, special when we need to say goodbye to someone we love.
One never know or understand how it hurts to lose someone until we feel the experience on our own skin. Today we just wanted to close our eyes and wake up tomorrow with someone telling us that it was just a terrible nightmare. The pain is horrible, the sadness is everywhere, but there comes a time in life when we need to say goodbye. I just wish that your trip is done in peace and that you find the ones you lost in your new world.
We will miss you very much — in fact, we already do — and tears will fall and fall constantly through our lives. But we promise to find happiness for you to be proud of us. My dear father-in-law, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, friend, husband. We will weep this goodbye forever, as we will forever remember the wonderful person you were and the privilege it was to meet you.
We don’t know how long a farewell lasts, especially if it’s a goodbye that we refuse to say. But as much as we know that you left our lives, the beautiful memories we have will always tell the story of everything we live. Rest in peace ?
— Sabrina

Lev med de Gode minnene Du Torkild og resten av Familien ?

Takk for mange artige og hyggelige sammenkomster
Minnene vil aldri forsvinne
Hvil i fred ❤️
— Jan Johansen

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