Angeline Moffert Apondi Johansen

Du var for oss så inderlig kjær,
derfor så tung å miste.

Bisettes i Sállirsalen
torsdag 14. desember kl. 14.00


Jeg kommer til å savne deg??
Love you always my dear ❤️

Theresa Chisanga

You were a light to many,you were a role model to various women all over,you have left a big gap into our lives,rest in peace mum

Seline akoth

Sweet sister may your soul rest in God hand l we will loved you forever
Thoug l could not make it ,because of my back problem
But l will come rest in peace sister .you are a hero among all l Will never forget
But l will come to tromsò ,l bought a ticket but my back increases pain
Am sorry l could not make it but l will.
Love and l Will always missed you sister.


Nyathiwa iweya kenda, adong ka ok amor todhi kod kwe,newa heri nyasaye oheri molowa. Bed kod kuwe nyar ngiya.


Mama you will be missed by family, widows, orphans and friends. We Love you, farewell until we meet in Jesus Name Amen ?

Florence Ogola

Mama rest in peace until we meet again Amen ?

Florence Ogola

Rest easy mom…dance with Angels ,indeed yur presence will be missed with the entire family…yu have left a hole in our hearts no one will fill it..we are missing you already..


Rest easy mom ,surely your presence is will b missed in the entire family❤❤❤forever in our hearts..dance with angels


Angeline Nyar Got Korengo, dhiyo kod kwe. Dance and praise The Lord with the Angels.


RIP in peace

Michael obote

Rest in peace. Fare thee well

Ephantus kenya

Rest in peace angeline Johansen till we meet again ???. You have left a big gap in the family ???we loved you but God loved you most.
Rest in peace

Carolyne Kenya

Rest in peace mum

George son in law

Go well

May your soul RIP

Forever in our hearts
will be missed big time

Titus Akendo

It’s sad to lose our loved ones in death!!
But Jehova God promised to destroy the enemy ‘DEATH’ once for all. [1 cor 15;26]

Lucas Ogolla



Never Forgotten
You’ll never be forgotten That simply cannot be. As long as I am living I’ll carry you with me. Safely tucked within my heart
Your light will always shine;
A glowing ember never stilled, Throughout the end of time.
No matter what the future brings,
Or what may lie ahead, I know that you will walk with me
Along the path I tread.
So rest my angel, be at peace
And let your soul fly free.
One day I’ll join your glorious flight
For all eternity.


Nyar Boro!
You were such a gem,the moments we had in Boro and Siaya are unforgettable ,safiri salama nyathiwa


Dance with Angles dear


May God rest your soul in peace mum l am still in pain why you have left me alone.
l am forever gretaful for all memories we have had with you
l love you you mummy

benedict otieno

Your sudden loss was like a doubling of my life. Now and forever after, everything I do is for both of us.


May God rest your soul in internal peace my sister Angeline. We love you and we missed you so much.


You were the strongest person I’ve known, and now you’ll get the rest you deserve.
I am forever grateful for all the good memories??
You are forever in our hearts dear auntie❤️ love u

Frida Auma Sætveit

You have fought a good fight and Kept the Faith . Angeli Nyar Mur nyar joko Ochieng Angago ywee Mos Mamaaa ???? aaayayee nyathi Owadwa .. Nyar Gilbert Ogolla yawa tii aywagi nadi??? litna lakini ywee Mokwe..Nyasae Okan Chunyi kama Okwe.

Monica Odero Ondiko

It’s hard to say goodbye to a loved one.
You have gone too soon, may you RIP until that bright resurrection morning.


Death is nothing else but going home to God. The bond of love will be unbroken for all enternity. Rest in peace Nyar Ogola.


Rest in peace Nyar Ogola.


May your soul rest in eternity Mrs. Irion Lady. Your rewards surely awaits for you for your kindness and generosity from the most high. Go well Mama???

Lilian Okinda

Hvil i fred❤️


Takk for at jeg fikk bli kjent med deg – gode menneske.


Go well nyar boro

Ken jodo

Mum rest in peace

Ken odhiambo jod

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